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Uncovering the Secrets of the Italian Riviera Artichoke Challenge

  A tale of two artichokes Liguria features an all-Riviera duel fought with leaves and thorns - a gourmand challenge between the spiny artichoke from Albenga and the extra tender artichoke from Perinaldo. The two sides of the artichoke are different but delicious.     Albenga artichoke Albenga artichoke ( Carciofo spinoso  – i.e., spiny -  di Albenga ) features distinctively tender stems and inner bracts, crispy and sweet. Cone-shaped, its outer leaves are dark green with violet hues and yellowish thorns. Less fibrous than its Sardinian cousin, it is a delight to be eaten raw. Artichokes are a mine of vitamins, minerals, fibres and inulin (the fittest choice for diabetics).  Back in time, Albenga artichoke was cited – among others - by Count Gilbert Chabrol de Volvic in his report on the main produces of the  savonese  – a document addressed to Napoleon Bonaparte.   Perinaldo artichoke Perinaldo is a small village in the Crosia valley, nestled at the westernmost tip of Li

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