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Food Tourism: a piece of cake?

“Food Tourism: a piece of cake?” is the title of the international workshop held on September 27th in Alexandrapoulis (Thrace) under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and WFTA (World Food Travel Association, which I belong to as a member). Organised by RespondonDemand, TopTourism and RamadaPlaza, the event focused on gastronomy tourism and its effective implementation for the promotion of tourism destinations and tourism private companies.
Keynote speaker Erik Wolf, founder of WFTA, the World Food Travel Association, discussed the role of food travel for local communities. Speakers from Greece and other countries (Italy, UK, Spain, Poland, Turkey, click here for complete list) shared their knowledge and experience. Best practices display - by definition - an across-the-board nature which confirms the full potential of benchmarking as a trigger of innovation.

Attendants included gastronomy opinion leaders from Greece and abroad, tourism companies, hotels, travel agents, resta…

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