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Sori, a treasure trove of Mediterranean gourmet highlights

  Sori Sori is one of the many coastal Ligurian municipalities endowed with stunning sea views and a (mostly) hilly territory. This multifaceted and sometimes rugged area has a lot to offer, from coastal attractions to a wealth of bike/hiking natural excursions. Its name - Golfo Paradiso - comes as no surprise. Local orography and tradition – a mix of sea and agriculture - have shaped a unique culinary heritage, which relies on 4 cornerstones: trofie, pansoti, focaccette and fainà de granun .    Trofie are to Sori what fontina is to the Aosta Valley. Even those who do not think that they were created in the small inner Sory valleys, agree in saying that their modern epic is due to some "visionary" traders – such as Novella - capable of launching them on the Genoese market starting from a mere familial production. Pansoti, prepared only with wild herbs – do not dare to ask Soresi to make them without preboggion ! -are almost worshipped here: thin fresh pasta, pot-bel

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