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OlioOfficina 2019 celebrates the Ligurian side of oil tourism

Last weekend Milan hosted the 8th edition of  “OlioOfficina - seasonings for the and the mind”. The festival, created by oil expert Luigi Caricato, features and array of events, presentations and guided tastings - an effective showcase for the Italian (and international) oil scene.
OlioOfficina 2019 also housed the national premiere of “Riviera Ligure DOP Experience”, a pilot tourism project promoted by the PDO Riviera Ligure Olive Oil Consortium, designed by Ligucibario® and marketed by Volver Tour Liguria.  Through the development of experiential tourism proposals in all the 3 subareas of the PDO (i.e. protected designation of origin), the initiative covers the whole regional arch and focuses on the centrality of EVO as a millenary, skilful production which ideally suits ethno-gastronomic storytelling.
“Riviera Ligure DOP Experience” is aimed at small groups of connoisseur travellers. Visitors – at the same time the protagonists, actors and directors of the experience – are engaged in …

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