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Are you experienced? Pursuing authenticity and novelty in food tourism

What is food tourism?

According to the definition provided by WFTA (World Food Travel Association), "Food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place". Culinary heritage can act as the storyteller of places, a powerful facilitator to understand and explore their history, culture, traditions. This accounts for the popularity of food tourism, whose exponential growth calls for some considerations on the part of tourism developers. 

Which are the fundamentals of food tourism design? 

Exhaustive, first-hand knowledge of supply and demand represents the foundation of planning, regardless of the sector. Yet, the key role of up-to-date investigation of demand trends, both domestic and international (targeting is no optional choice), seems sometimes to be overshadowed by supply analysis - by the way this does not apply only to food tourism...
Getting to the heart of the matter, researches such the Global Report on Food Tourism by UNWTO and the S…

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