World Food Travel Day 2019 is coming!

April 18th is World Food Travel Dayan entire day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of local culinary cultures around the world. It takes place every year, on the same day, everywhere in the world.

According to the 2019 State of the Food Travel Industry Report published by the World Food Travel Association (WFTA), culinary culture and authenticity are fundamental and even critical components of success in food and beverage tourism. Travel is the best education and traveling for a taste of place gives travelers a sense of place. 
These are issues which I strongly believe in both as a food&wine tourism professional and as an individual.

WFTA recognized the need for an annual campaign to spotlight the preservation and promotion of culinary cultures around the world, especially among food-loving travelers. As a member of WFTA I myself will participate, of course!

If you likewise love food and travel, join #WorldFoodTravelDay April 18th and celebrate culinary culture and the reason to travel for food and drink.

Where in the world you would travel for your next food or beverage experience? Let the world know and share that place by telling your story, posting a photo or even a video.

Spread the news and tag your posts with #WorldFoodTravelDay. Mention @worldfoodtravelassn on Facebook and Instagram, and @worldfoodtravel on Twitter.

Luisa Puppo


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