OlioOfficina 2019 celebrates the Ligurian side of oil tourism

OlioOfficina 2019
Last weekend Milan hosted the 8th edition of  “OlioOfficina - seasonings for the and the mind”. The festival, created by oil expert Luigi Caricato, features and array of events, presentations and guided tastings - an effective showcase for the Italian (and international) oil scene.

OlioOfficina 2019 also housed the national premiere of “Riviera Ligure DOP Experience”, a pilot tourism project promoted by the PDO Riviera Ligure Olive Oil Consortium, designed by Ligucibario® and marketed by Volver Tour Liguria
Through the development of experiential tourism proposals in all the 3 subareas of the PDO (i.e. protected designation of origin), the initiative covers the whole regional arch and focuses on the centrality of EVO as a millenary, skilful production which ideally suits ethno-gastronomic storytelling.

(left to right): Luigi Caricato, Giorgio Lazzaretti, Umberto Curti during the presentation of the project
“Riviera Ligure DOP Experience” is aimed at small groups of connoisseur travellers. Visitors – at the same time the protagonists, actors and directors of the experience – are engaged in the creation of their personal EVO travel story: a multimedia report (photo, video, web and social media posting) of their own interpretation of DOP Riviera Ligure olive oil, which will grant them the certificate of "Ambassador" of Riviera Ligure DOP.

The experiences are coordinated and led by senior tourism marketing professionals Umberto Curti (essayist, lecturer and food&wine blogger) and Luisa Puppo (destination specialist, Gourmet English expert and cross-cultural communicator), the founders of Ligucibario®.

Liguria 365 days a year”: the project connects the region’s coastal and inner areas, treasure troves of biodiversity and healthy Mediterranean fare as well as the ideal destinations of quality, sustainable, slow tourism.

Umberto Curti

The first packages are set throughout the regional arch: “Gold seekers in Lucinasco”, in the province of Imperia; “Archeogastronomy gets web & social in Albenga”, in the province of Savona; “Stories of trees in Lavagna”, in the province of Genoa.

Luisa Puppo


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