Riviera Ligure DOP Experience

Experiential Tourism and EVO, the perfect match 
“Riviera Ligure DOP Experience” is an experiential tourism project promoted by the PDO Riviera Ligure Olive Oil Consortium, designed by Ligucibario® and marketed by Volver Tour Liguria.
The design of the packages implied months of careful preparation: contacts with the first businesses that answered the call to action from the Consortium - Cristina Armato in Lucinasco (IM), Sommariva in Albenga (SV), La Favola della Mignola in Lavagna (GE); field visits to optimize logistics; planning of truly original contents (visitors will be engaged in the creation of their personal EVO multimedia travel report; stipulation of operational agreements.
With a view to experiential tourism, the project focuses on the centrality of EVO - a millenary, skilful production which ideally suits ethno-gastronomic storytelling. The first three packages already cover the regional arch from the Ponente to the Levante:
“Gold seekers in Lucinasco”, in the province of Imperia
“Archeogastronomy gets web & social in Albenga”, in the province of Savona
“Stories of trees in Lavagna”, in the province of Genoa.

Liguria 365 days a year” is one of the messages of these open air proposals. Since its origins, in fact, the project connects coastal and inner areas (the entroterra), as it promotes all the three subareas of the PDO (i.e. protected designation of origin). Rural life and settings are the focus in Lucinasco, archaeology (from the Roman age to the Middle Ages) in Albenga (the ancient Albingangaunum), olive&oil landscapes as historical, cultural and artistic resources.

The experiences are also delivered in English by Luisa Puppo, Gourmet English expert, specialized in cross-cultural communication.

“Riviera Ligure DOP Experience” is a pilot project – tourists evolve into the storytellers of Liguria’s genius loci: videoreporters, instagrammers, digital spokespeople who share their personal EVO travel story and are awarded the certificate of "Ambassador" of Riviera Ligure DOP. Furthermore, experientiality also shows in entrepreneurs open and narrate the places of their daily commitment. Liguria as a sustainable terroir, homeland of healthy, Mediterranean fare, and destination of quality, slow tourism.

Information and reservations:
Volver Tour Liguria
Via Macaggi, 23A2 – 16121 Genova
Tel. +39 010.0980269


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