Croxetti pasta from Liguria - history and wine matching

Ligurian pasta history is a treasure trove of tradition and taste: in this post you will discover the difference between croxetti and corzetti


My video tribute to croxetti, traditional stamped pasta discs (4-5 cm diameter) from the Ligurian Riviera di Levante. Stamp designs include coats-of-arms, family crests as well as geometric and floral patterns. A (scant) handful skillful artisans still master the art of customized wooden stamps making – the perfect wedding favour idea… Rough texture is a by-effect of low-relief decorations and helps condiments cling to the croxetti. Wine matching varies according to co-star ingredients.

Croxetti wooden stamp
... and corzetti

Corzetti are ancient figure 8-shaped pasta twists from the Val Polcevera, still to be pulled out one by one when they are handmade: once they were traditional enjoyed on New Year’s Eve with pork meat sauce or rabbit sauce. The dough can also feature marjoram. Go local and eat your corzetti with a spoon. Salsa di pinoli (pine nuts sauce - mortar&pestle made, please) is their ideal match, paired with a glass of dry white wine, e.g. (DOC Colli di Luni) Bianco.
Skilled Ligurian pasta manufacturers still produce croxetti and corzetti, which make the perfect gourmet souvenir to take back home.

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