Genoa launches connoisseur food tourism experiences

focaccia genovese - street food storytelling
Incoming Liguria by Volver and Ligucibario® launch a new catalogue of connoisseur food tourism experiences in Liguria. The “gustincontri" (i.e. tasting lectures) are the output of the joint venture between the dynamic B2B Tour Operator (planning and organization of group trips, custom tours and incentive travel in Liguria) and the consultancy brand specialized in Ligurian ethnogastronomy, crafts, culture and traditions.
The “gustincontri" aim at conveying quality contents related to food and well-being. They are designed and delivered by senior lecturers Umberto Curti (Italian) and Luisa Puppo (English), owners of Ligucibario®: Umberto is a renowned essayist, educator and food&wine blogger: Luisa is a destination expert specialized in cross-cultural communication and translation - and the editor of the LiguriabyLuisa blog.

A chocolate tale from pod to bar
These first two food tourism experiences are dedicated to focaccia genovese and craft chocolate
Umberto and Luisa lead participants on a journey through history and culture, enogastronomy unveiling the true spirit of places. First-class Focaccia Genovese, craft chocolate… feature among the riches which make conviviality bloom: new, different, essential ways of understanding the Mediterraneity of Liguria and Genoa, as well as an invitation to share scents, tastes, feelings and emotions.
Last but not least, future developments of the catalogue will focus on E.V.O., extra virgin olive oil being one of the staple ingredients of Ligurian (and Mediterranean) cuisine.

Stay tuned!

Luisa Puppo


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