Assaggia la Liguria - Taste Liguria

The Enoteca Regionale della Liguria, the PDO Riviera Ligure oil Protection Consortium and the PDO Genoese Basil Protection Consortium once more join forces on occasion of a new project funded by measure 3.2 of PSR (i.e. RDP, Rural Development Programme) Regione Liguria 2014/2020. "Assaggia la Liguria – le tre filiere" (i.e. Taste Liguria – the three supply chains) focuses on the promotion of the flagships of Ligurian enogastronomy: EVO, Genoese basil and wine, the symbols of an ancient cultural history.
The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of consumers about the importance of EU G.I. certified products. Starting from May, 22nd restaurants belonging to the Ligurian Gourmet network will host a calendar of theme dinners throughout the region: experts of the three productions will provide guests with advice on how to choose, taste, pair and store the three icons of the Mediterranean identity - EVO, basil and wine.
The launch of the initiative will take place in Recco: three dinners organized in collaboration with the PGI Focaccia di Recco col formaggio Protection Consortium.

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Official hashtag: #AssaggiaLaLiguria

Meet the specialist speakers

PDO Riviera Ligure oil Protection Consortium - Prof. Umberto Curti, food historian and essayist, and Luisa Puppo, Ligucibario® and LiguriabyLuisa
PDO Genoese Basil Protection Consortium - Elisa Traverso, Gianni Bottino, Flavio Corazza (mortar pesto demo)
Enoteca Regionale della Liguria – Elisabetta Morescalchi, Enzo Giorgi, AIS Official Taster and Onav taster, Francesco Petacco, oenologist and ONAV La Spezia delegate (to be confirmed).

The Calendar:

Tue 22nd May - Ristorante Manuelina, via Roma 296, RECCO tel. 0185 74128 e 0185 720779 -
Wed 23rd May - Ristorante Vitturin, via dei Giustiniani, 48 RECCO tel. 0185 720225 -
Thu 24th May - Ristorante Da Ö Vittorio, via Roma 160, RECCO tel. 0185 74029 -
Fri 1st June - Osteria Enoteca Baccicin Du Caru, Via Fado, 115, 16010 Mele (GE) tel. 010 631804 -
Tue 5th June - Ristorante La Ruota, via Largo spianata varese 25, IMPERIA tel 0183 61206 -
Thu 7th June - Osteria della Corte, via Napoli 86, LA SPEZIA tel. 0187 706796 -
Tue 12th June - Ristorante Il Genovese, via Galata 35r, GENOVA tel. 010 8692937 -
Thu 14th June - L'Insolita Zuppa, Via Romana, 7, 16038 Santa Margherita Ligure (GE) tel. 0185 289594 -
Sat 16th June - Ristorante Palazzo SALSOLE, piazza Concezione 1, SASSELLO (SV) tel. 019 724359 -
Tue 19th June - Ristorante Le Perlage, via Mascherpa 4r, GENOVA tel. 010 588551 -
Wed 20th June - Ristorante Cian de Bià, via Silvio Pellico 14, BADALUCCO tel. 320 6622079 -

Luisa Puppo


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