Festivals and fairs of the ligurian entroterra

The scenic perched village of Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena (SV)

Liguria’s repute mainly lies on its Riviere, stretching into a narrow arch between the Côte d’Azur and Versilia. Yet, throughout its length the region has much more to offer than sea&beach settings: its verdoyant entrotrerra (i.e. inner rural areas is a cornucopia of first rate natural, cultural and food resources.
More and more, tourists, trekkers, bikers and foodies are exploring the perched villages of the imperiese, the beech woods and the mountain passes of the savonese, the 11 green valleys of the genovesato, and the Apennine territories (Vara, Magra…) of the spezzino, which shelter the Cinque Terre and other coastal wonders.
Everywhere, (eno)gastronomy is generous. Furthermore, events, fairs and festivals celebrate local traditions.
Here is my personal selection from the Ponente to the Levante (i.e. for west to east). Do check dates and times!

Province of Imperia                                                 
stockfish in Badalucco (September)
transhumance of herds and flocks in Mendatica (September)
Rossese wine in Soldano (July)
garlic in Vessalico (July)
province of Savona                                                  
arnasca olive in Arnasco (September)
porcini mushrooms in Bardineto (September)
truffles in Millesimo (September)
amaretti biscuits in Sassello (September)
province of Genoa                                                   
EVO – extra virgin olive oil in Leivi (July)
Potatoes in Neirone (August)
Cheese in Rossiglione (May)
Pumpkins in Genoa Murta (November)
province of Spezia                                                   
honey in Calice al Cornoviglio (August)
chestnuts in Pignone (October)
hazelnuts in Sarzana (April)
grapes in Vezzano Ligure (September).

Have a nice trip and … buon appetito!
This is the fascinating world of tastes and crafts that LiguriabyLuisa discloses to foreign markets and buyers.
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