Mayor Marco Bucci appoints 29 women professionals as Ambassadors of the City of Genoa

Meet Genoa's Ambassadors!

On occasion of Women's Day 2018 the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci appointed 29 women professionals (entrepreneurs, managers, scientists, artists, architects, engineers, journalists, physicians...) as Ambassadors of the city of Genoa on account of their expertise and commitment for the promotion of their native (or adoptive) city. Selected through a call (more than 150 applications), they will act on a totally voluntary (and not renumerated) basis. Their mission is to generate and enhance opportunities of promotion, marketing and attraction of investments at international level. The ceremony took place in the Salone di Rappresentanza of Palazzo Tursi (Genoa’s city hall) and was hosted by Mayor Bucci and Deputy Mayors Paola Bordilli, Assessore comunale al turismo, commercio e artigianatoElisa Serafini, Assessore comunale al marketing territoriale, cultura e politiche per i giovani, Arianna Viscogliosi, Assessore comunale al personale e pari opportunità, Simonetta Cenci, Assessore comunale all’urbanistica e demanio, Francesca Fassio, Assessore comunale alle politiche educative e dell’istruzione, sociosanitarie e casa.

The 29 Ambassadors compose a rich mosaic of cultures, skills, networks, enthusiasms and know hows: science, communication, marketing, management, healthcare, music, law, linguistics… their first aim is the development of an internal organisational model fit to back up their activity.

Good luck to you all, Ladies (in strict alphabetical order): Megumi Akamuna, Donatella Bianchi, Alessandra Bocchio, Armida Luciana Bordi, Francesca Centurione Scotto Boschieri, Matilde Bruzzone, Magda Cavanna Highams, Monica Curti, Ornella D’Alessio, Patrizia De Luise, Alessandra Espinoza, Riccarda Giordano, Francesca Granata Griffiths, Dina Kotelnikova Raimondi, Tiziana Leopizzi, Carla Magnan, Elena Manara, Roberta Meardi, Anna Micheletti, Paola Minale, Marina Minetti, Rosanna Piturru, Luisa Puppo, Raffaella Renzoni, Sonia Sandei, Cristina Santagata, Francesca Scorbucchi, Angela Valenti Durazzo, Yue Zhao.

Luisa Puppo (one of the 29 above listed Ladies J)


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