Sciacchetrà, wine delight from the Cinque Terre

the one and only Sciacchetrà

Sciacchetrà is the passito wine of the Cinque Terre Ligurian DOC (i.e. Designation of Controlled Origin). The term probably derives from the Hebrew shekar = inebriating wine. Must from the magic landscape of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore slowly ferments (40 days) in small barrels called “caratelli”. Sciacchetrà is golden – amber in colour; to the nose, pleasant notes of apricot, apple, peach and warm, persistent honeyed notes, almost velvety. It is released on November 1st of the year following the harvest (3 years for the “Riserva”). Exceptional aging can provide connoisseur’s delight. Served at its best – tulip wine glasses, 7°-9° C - it matches unleavened desserts, short-crust pastry pandolci, panforti, spungate and cubaite. Assertive blue cheeses and 80% > chocolate are definitely worth a pairing…

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