Liguria, land of fortresses and castles

The castle in Campo Ligure
The charm of history pervades Liguria’s fortifications and castles, a rich architectural heritage set amidst scenic settings and spanning across centuries from the Middle Ages to the late 19th century. A legacy of the region’s military past, they tell the adventurous vicissitudes of dynasties and regiments – and the tale of man’s ingeniousness.
Thoroughly researched by renowned scholars (Anton Giulio Barrili, Nino Lamboglia, Nilo Calvini…) this treasure trove still awaits full recognition as a tourist resource of great appeal spread from the Alps to the Mediterranean sea.
Moving from the Ponente to the Levante (i.e. from west to east.) my personal catalogue of miss not highlights include: the fortresses on the border between Italy and France, the Colle di Nava vivid with lavender blossoming, the fortifications of the Melogno pass, Albenga’s towers, Ceriale’s bastion, the walls of Monte Ursino in Noli, the castles in Millesimo (homeland of white truffle) and Roccavignale), the Priamar citadel in Savona, the 6 fortresses built in the Giovo area under the Depretis government, the Valle Stura (protected by the Geremia and Spinola castles) and its astounding cheeses, the Castello della Pietra in Vobbia (one of the regional heaven for salumi lovers), the fortresses in Camogli (the “capital” of hearty capponadda salad), Portofino, Rapallo and Santa Margherita, on to Santo Stefano d’Aveto - in the mountains between the Tigullio area and Emilia – and Levanto (home of scenting gattafuin fritters), Monterosso (dwelling of the best anchovies of the region), Portovenere, Lerici…, and – lastly - Sarzana, which boasts the two fortresses of Firmafede and Sarzanello, as well as spungata, the comfort food of the Via Francigena.
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