Filigree, a Ligurian experience in Campo Ligure

The castle in Campo Ligure

Filigree, the difficult and exquisite metalwork already practiced by the ancient Romans (à jour technique), is a craft of arabesque traceries made of fine gold and silver threads. After a myriad vicissitudes (and changing fortunes from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages and the discovery of the New World), at the end of the 17th century it knew widespread success in Liguria – hence a fierce competitor of Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto, Abruzzo, Rome, Naples, Sardinia (the cradle of embossed chisel work) and Sicily. 
In 1884 master Antonio Oliveri – the pioneer of a rapidly growing craft school - opened his bottega in Campo Ligure, a centre of the Valle Stura (one of the rural inner valleys of the entroterra of Genoa). Yesterday and today: the local craftsmen’s tools of the trade are still “bruscelle” (tweezers), blowpipes, silver threads, ceramic tiles and… loads of patience and dexterity, the essentials for the creation of artful unique pieces. 
Last but not least, the Valle Stura is a treasure chest of resources: cultural (castles, churches, museums), natural (the perfect choice for both trekkers and bikers), gourmet (cheese is the local star).
This is the fascinating world of tastes and crafts that LiguriabyLuisa discloses to foreign markets and buyers.

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