Extra virgin olive oil, the Mediterranean gold

taggiasca olives provide superb EVO

Olive growing has been shaping the Ligurian landscape and economy for millennia, Mediterranean identity showing in archaeology findings as well as in literature.
The rich array of regional cultivars features high quality excellences (taggiasca, arnasca, razzola…) and superb extra virgin olive oils.
The best bottles boast the DOP Riviera Ligure status: this Protected Designation of Origin safeguards and promotes Ligurian EVO producers who follow its guidelines. The PDO (established by the EU in 1997) features 3 areas of production which provide slightly different delicate and sweet EVOs, the perfect match for traditional coastal cuisine - e.g. fish, vegetable dishes…
Nowadays, extra virgin olive oil (never to be confused with ordinary olive oil) is regarded as a neutraceutical, i.e. food that possesses both taste and healthy qualities.
EVO: a shopping tour of farmers and agriturismi; a lecture by renowned food &wine expert Umberto Curti to learn how to taste and match it like a pro … This is the fascinating world of tastes and crafts that LiguriabyLuisa discloses to foreign markets and buyers.

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