Focaccia, Genoa's street food

piping hot focaccia straight from the oven

Focaccia (fügassa in the local dialect) is the flagship street food of Genoa and Liguria, where it is produced in several declinations reflecting local traditions.
The only secrets to perfect focaccia are quality of ingredients and patience (dough rising and ripening take plenty of time).
LiguriabyLuisa commits to the cause of extra virgin olive oil. Neither lard nor olive pomace oil are even to be taken into consideration - follow food&wine expert Umberto Curti’s advice! EVO is the answer (provided by the Mediterranean diet).

Focaccia: a gourmet tour of the top botteghe in Genoa and Liguria; a cooking class to learn how to prepare it like a pro; its best wine matchings… This is the fascinating world of tastes and crafts that LiguriabyLuisa discloses to foreign markets and buyers.

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