Experiential tourism in Liguria

Markets  and experiential tourism: the perfect match

When in 2005 Umberto Curti published his “High Seasons. Models for tourism marketing” handbook, he remarked how – also in Liguria - developing tourism scenarios and new market needs were re-shaping tourism offers (from “where” to “how”).
Experiential tourism engages the visitor as the protagonist of full immersion tourism emotions. The tourist is set at the centre of a tale and a plot which reveal the true soul of places and their identities (food, crafts, folklore…). 
Yet, self-defining experiential tourism often does not meet expectations – this is the case, for instance, of the mere visit to a cheese manufacture or the participation in a ceramic class (no matter how well designed).
LiguriabyLuisa is a reference provider of experiential tourism in Liguria. It targets players - tour operators, members of the food industry, team managers, associations, mass media - looking for “Liguria as an insider” tourism offers as well as the education sector for theme-specific projects and courses.

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